LCPcertified is a cloud-based certified payroll solution for construction sites. It allows users to enter data freely and easily with the purpose of producing clean, accurate certified payroll reports. It is ideal for any public works prime or sub-contractor that has a need to provide certified payroll reports to any requesting body.

LCPcertified integrates with many payroll companies, and will produce clean and accurate certified payroll reports for any project throughout the country. Payroll interfaces support the most widely used payroll solutions in the construction industry to ensure that contractors can easily upload their payroll data.

For contractors in California, LCPcertified produces the XML file that can be uploaded to the  Department of Industrial Relations of California website. Electronic submission for qualifying public works projects in California is a requirement starting January 1st, 2016, regardless of the project bid-ad date.

Key benefits are:

  • Create clean and accurate certified payroll reports specific to your area
  • Data is validated by a validation engine and user notified instantaneously when errors exist
  • No implementation or setup fees. Just log in and start producing reports.

Features and Benefits

Automated and simple way to create certified payroll reports from your payroll data

  • No set-up or installation fees
  • Easy access online
  • User-friendly interface

Meet all of your reporting needs

  • Import payroll files directly using our easy interface
  • Produce any federal WH-347, state or local certified payroll report
  • Over 40 state and local reports available


  • Ensure CPRs are formatted to federal and state standards
  • Manage fringe data that appears on the CPR
  • Verify all required information is reported
  • Store a historical record of all payroll data
  • Avoid the hassle of double entry after filing payroll
  • Verify correct payment for CA wages
  • Verify wages once added to wage table

California Specific:

  • Contractor uploads standard payroll data to LCPcertified
  • LCPcertified allows the user to apply California Specific Craft and Classifications to their Employees
  • Validations verify that the employees are paid as per the state requirements
  • LCPcertified ensures all data is properly formatted on California report
  • Contractor submits report online to the state, confident of no fines
  • LCPcertified produces the XML file that can be uploaded to the web site of Department of Industrial Relations of California

Contractors in California:

  • Must register with DLSE and pay $300 registration fee yearly
  • Electronic submission for all public works projects is a requirement starting January 1st, 2016, regardless of their bid-ad date
  • Weekly submissions must be in XML format
  • Fines have quadrupled
  • Project can be audited 18 months after completion

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