LCPcertified is a cloud-based certified payroll solution specifically designed for contractors to streamline the process of producing standardized certified payroll reports.

LCPcertified integrates with the most widely used payroll solutions in the industry to ensure that contractors can easily upload their payroll data. To view a list of compatible payroll applications, please visit our payroll interfaces page.

LCPcertified is ideal for any public works contractor that has a need to provide certified payroll reports to any requesting body. Prime contractors and subcontractors of all specialties and sizes are now able to streamline their reporting efforts and ensure compliance with prevailing wage, as well as other state and federal regulations.

For contractors in California,  LCPcertified produces the XML file that can be uploaded to the Department of Industrial Relations of California website, making electronic submission (a requirement starting January 1st, 2016, regardless of the project bid-ad date) even faster and easier. 

Core Functionality

  • Over 50 powerful validation checks, including state-specific wage determinations*
  • Multiple CPR formats compliant with Federal, State, and local reports
  • Batch processing for generating multiple CPRs at once
  • Historical archive of submitted CPRs
  • Distribution of PDF reports via email to pre-defined contacts
  • XML format option for California Department of Industrial Relation's website upload

Five Key Benefits

  1. Saves time by streamlining the certified payroll process
  2. Saves money by reducing the administrative burden of producing CPRs
  3. Helps avoid fees for inaccurate filings
  4. Eliminates need for physical storage of CPRs
  5. Access reports anytime and anywhere via the cloud-based interface


See first hand how our accounting and payroll interfaces make creating XML format electronic certified payrolls for the CA DIR a breeze.



Get an inside look of the software with a quick 2-minute demo video highlighting the features of LCPcertified

California-Specific Features & Benefits

  • Maintains California prevailing wage rates and automatically verifies compliance prior to submission
  • Allows users to apply California-specific craft and classifications for employees
  • Features built-in XML file format for easy upload to Department of Industrial Relation's website



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  • $10.00 Per Report
  • $75 – Monthly – Up to 5 Active Projects
  • $600 – Yearly – Up to 10 Active Projects
  • $1250 – Yearly Unlimited Active Projects

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For small subcontractors performing work in one state and one jurisdiction


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  • $10 - Per Report
  • $125 –Monthly – Up to 5 Active Projects
  • $1000 –Yearly – Up to 10 Active Projects
  • $2000 – Yearly – Up to 25 Active Projects
  • $3000 – Yearly – Up to 50 Active Projects

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For small to midsized subcontractors performing work in multiple states


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  • $1500   – Yearly – Up to 10 Active Projects
  • $2500  – Yearly – Up to 25 Active Projects
  • $3500  – Yearly – Up to 50 Active Projects
  • $6000  – Yearly – Up to 150 Active Projects
  • $9000  – Yearly – Up to 250 Active Projects
  • $12000  – Yearly – Up to 350 Active Projects
  • $15000  – Yearly – Up to 450 Active Projects
  • Contact us for Unlimited Project Pricing: (714) 669-0052 x 170

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For larger subcontractors performing work in multiple states with many projects at a time

First Report Free
Upload Options      
Utilize data transfer file from your payroll provider
Wage Verification      
Rate Sheet Feature allows entry of federal and state prevailing wage rates.Wage rates for California included as standard.
Validations to verify Data Completeness      
Powerful validation engine runs over 50 checks for data completeness and labor law compliance
Bulk Processing of CPRs      
Upload and certify unlimited number of certified payroll reports at a time
Automatic Distribution      
Send reports to pre-defined e-mail addresses right from the system
Summary Reports      
Both monthly and summary reports available at any time
The Basic package does not include the LCPtracker validation engine and is limited to reporting for one state per account.
The Plus package features the extensive LCPtracker validation engine and allows for certified payroll report production for any state
The Professional package features the LCPtracker validation engine as well as advanced reporting features such as summary reports. With Pro, users are able to certify reports in bulk with batch processing for uploading and certifying.

LCPtracker Pro

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