LCP-ICon-DRWorkforce Manager

Paving the Path for the Future Construction Workforce

Workforce Manager is a cloud-based application enabling organizations to track and monitor construction workers throughout the life cycle of their careers from pre-apprentice training programs, to the journeyman level and beyond.

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An innovative career development data system for the construction industry


Worker Management

Manage trainee intake and achievement and track workforce and employment opportunities

Success Analysis

Evaluate the success of apprenticeship preparation training programs based on graduate placement

LCPtracker Integration

Easily track worker progression by leveraging the LCPtracker integration and accessing the data warehouse


Connect with community groups, building owners, and other construction stakeholders to retain workers across projects


Access real-time data, including forecasts of manpower availability, through built-in reports

Dynamic Data Model

Customize application according to the unique needs of your program or region

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