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LCPtracker, Inc. is proud to offer a prevailing wage seminar series that includes the most up-to-date and comprehensive education available on the market.  Complying with Davis-Bacon Act prevailing wage and reporting requirements has never been more important.  Agencies need to be fully knowledgeable of the requirements and vigilant in compliance oversight.  Prime contractors need to have dynamic prevailing wage compliance management strategies and all employers need to protect themselves with the latest information and self-monitoring techniques.  All parties can benefit from web-based technology that integrates data gathered from the job site to the data submitted by contractors and agencies.

LCPtracker is committed to the highest quality education to promote success with prevailing wage and associated requirements across the construction industry. We have partnered with Tim Helm and Jade Banks, both renowned Davis-Bacon subject matter experts, to deliver these exclusive seminars across the nation. Additionally, local experts and prime contractors will present at each location to provide best practices and industry updates.

Hot Topics:

Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces – EO 13673
A concurrent session on the afternoon of Day 1 delves into the whats, whys and hows of contractor compliance and agency considerations under the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces EO 13673.  Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces requires prospective federal contractors to disclose labor law violations and gives agencies guidance on how to consider labor violations when awarding federal contracts.  Phased implementation began 9/12/16, and will be followed by 4 additional phases.  This is the first seminar to roll-out on this EO and is a must for contractors and agencies.

Paid Leave for Workers on Federal Contracts – EO 13706
Day 2 explores changes imminent in federal contracting including the Paid Leave for Workers on Federal Contracts EO 13706.  This EO involves contracts covered by the Davis-Bacon Act and/or the Service Contract Act.  It will become effective 1/1/17 and impacts all contractors and subcontractors engaged on federal contracts.  Another first seminar discussing this EO, another must for federal contractors.


Day 1: Begins at 8:00 AM

A New Frontier

A new frontier has emerged concerning prevailing wage compliance, enforcement, and corrective and preventative actions. The opening session provides a brief discussion of the history of the Davis-Bacon Act and other prevailing wage laws, why compliance with these laws is so critical today and the importance of technology to ensure compliance. Participants are prepared with an overview of the conference schedule and sessions, and general logistics.

Prevailing Wage Laws

Everyone engaged in or on prevailing wage projects needs to know about the laws and regulations that control the environment.  This session provides an overview of the Davis-Bacon and Related Acts and other laws, regulations and executive orders that affect prevailing wage and reporting requirements.  A must for beginners, veterans and everyone in between.


Compliance Principles / Wage Decisions - Laying the Right Foundation 

Contractors and contracting agencies need to fully understand the rules and their roles.  In addition, there are specific elements that must be in place and steps that must be taken to in order to prepare for effective prevailing wage administration and enforcement.  The second session on Day 1 reviews major compliance principles to establish a common understanding of prevailing wage application, definitions, parameters, wage decisions and reporting.  Followed by an overview of Davis-Bacon wage decisions and a step-by-step process to lay down the proper foundation for full compliance.



Investigations, Corporate Culture, Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces - How to Protect Yourself

Attendees are armed with important touch points that should be addressed when developing or evaluating contractor prevailing wage compliance programs - from the bidding process to contract completion.  This presentation provides hands-on guidance to contractors who recognize that a more comprehensive prevailing wage monitoring program is essential for corporate success in the Davis-Bacon Act arena.  This session benefits contracting agencies as they take on the additional task of determining contractor “attitude” towards compliance and what that really means. Attendees will discuss a list of Strategic Steps towards compliance.  This session also covers the implications for contractors and agencies of the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order.

Beyond the Basics / Falsification - What to Look for, What to Do and What it Means

Knowing the basic “what’s allowed” and “what to do’s” is important.  Understanding the “whys” and “what if’s” allows practitioners to think and apply compliance principles to real-life situations that don’t fit the “norm”.  Successful compliance oversight needs to focus on violations, particularly willful violations.  This session explores what’s behind the rules and strategies to detect falsification:  what it looks like, what it means, and what to do.

Sessions End at 5:30 PM
Reception from 5:45 PM to 7:30 PM

Day 2 Begins at 8:00 AM

Using Technology for Successful Compliance Oversight

Contractors and contracting agencies face more responsibilities and additional requirements. Day 2 opens with a session explaining how cloud-based, labor compliance systems can assist government agencies and contractors to protect themselves from audit deficiencies and potential financial loss. Particular emphasis is placed on: avoiding errors/omissions; misclassification of workers; payroll violations and discrepancies between daily logs and certified payrolls. In addition, this session addresses the myriad of workforce reporting demands and how systems like LCPtracker easily manage these requirements.

On the Horizon

The prevailing wage landscape continues to shift. Contractors and contracting agencies face more responsibilities and additional requirements. Day 2 continues with a session delving into recent and imminent changes in wages, benefits and reporting such as the federal $10.15 minimum wage, fair pay, sick leave and reporting previous labor law violations.

Open Question and Answer Series

Enjoy more than an hour of open question and answer with experts in Davis-Bacon applicability, administration, compliance, reporting and enforcement, and in web-based technologies that monitor prevailing wage compliance from the job site to the office.

Day 2 Ends at 12:30 PM



Timothy Helm -  DOL Wage and Hour Division - Retired

Tim Helm is widely recognized as a leading expert in all matters pertaining to the administration and enforcement of the Davis-Bacon Act (DBA). He started his federal service in 1981 as a Peace Corps volunteer serving in West Africa. In 1984, he began his career with the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) as an investigator in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania district office. In 1989, he transferred to WHD’s national office where, for more than 25 years, he dedicated himself to the administration and enforcement of WHD’s government contracts enforcement program, including the DBA and the Service Contract Act. In 2009, he led WHD in the revitalization of the government contracts enforcement and compliance assistance programs, ensuring that workers on projects funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act received the wages and benefits to which they were entitled.

Tim oversaw the increase of DBA investigations from a low of 300 per year in 2008 to more than 1,800 investigations per year. He also conducted more than 29 prevailing wage seminars throughout the United States, providing compliance assistance to more than 8,000 attendees. He is a recipient of the Department of Labor’s Distinguished Career Service Award. He retired from the Department of Labor in February 2015 after more than 33 years of government service. 

Tim resides in Washington, D.C. and is active in his church, the Metropolitan Community Church of Washington D.C., and its outreach program to the Dominican Republic. He also serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors of Mary’s House for Older Adults, a nonprofit organization dedicated to constructing elderly housing in Washington, D.C. that embraces all races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.

Jade Banks - Senior Policy Advisor for HUD - Retired

Jade Banks is a renowned Davis-Bacon subject-matter expert, advisor and trainer focusing on the application, administration and enforcement of federal labor standards provisions (e.g., prevailing wage and reporting requirements), particularly in programs offered through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Ms. Banks concluded a 37-year career with HUD when she retired from her position as HUDs Senior Policy Advisor at the Headquarters Office of Labor Relations in September 2012. During this time she amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise working on field, regional and national levels.

During her 20-year tenure at HUD headquarters, Ms. Banks shaped, developed and guided field implementation of HUDs national prevailing wage labor standards policy, administration and enforcement. She initiated and authored the vast majority of HUD labor standards publications available today including: the current HUD handbook 1344.1, Federal Labor Standards Requirements in Housing and Urban development Programs; Contractors’ Guide to Prevailing Wage Requirements; Practical Guide for States, Indian tribes and Local Agencies; and the Labor Relations Letters and “On the Mark!” policy and advice series; and more. She developed and presented several national training conferences for HUD staff; and numerous training sessions for contractors, and state, tribal and local agencies. At DOLs request, she developed and presented a workshop for DOLs prevailing wage seminars (2009 –2012).

Ms. Banks continues to provide expert advice, guidance, training and other support services as a private consultant.



Registration cost is $395

1.5 Days of Training
2 Breakfasts
1 Lunch
and an evening Reception

Hotel prices vary and are separate from the registration fee, please see "Locations and Dates" section below for pricing per location.



why attend

Why Attend?

Justify Your Trip

Every year we dedicate ourselves to providing the best, most intensive training and education conference on the market. We bring in speakers from all levels of the construction compliance industry to share important updates and best practices. Our speakers have included the DIR, government agencies, large prime contractors, large subcontractors and renowned industry experts who offer their time for three days to give insight on the complexities of labor compliance. These specialists, combined with hands-on software training, create an atmosphere of learning in which attendees leave with a whole understanding of compliance requirements and how to use the LCPtracker system to achieve them.


Locations and Dates

At this time we do not have any seminars planned for 2018. For Davis-Bacon, labor compliance, workforce reporting education and LCPtracker training please join us at Ignite 2018 in Huntington Beach California.

More Information 

**Please note LCPtracker, Inc. has not contracted with any outside agency for the management of travel and hotel booking for our attendees. If you receive any communication from an outside company or agency claiming to aide in booking your trip please do not provide any information and contact LCPtracker, Inc. immediately at 714-669-0052 x 143.

Terms and Conditions

Last Modified 8/29/2016

Welcome to LCPtracker’s "Make Davis-Bacon Work for You!" Seminar Series! We are excited to have you joining us at our events across the nation! Here you will find complete details on LCPtracker’s registration, attendance, and speaker policies. If you have any questions, please email hboyd@lcptracker.com.


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